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      Regulations, in accordance with "Regulations such as travel expenses of Society officers" headquarters, provide for the handling of travel expenses and honorarium, etc. (Note ※) Kyushu Branch officer. 
    ※ Note) Branch officers and refers to a person on behalf of those of Branch Chief, Secretary,Technical Committee Chair branch, or branch committee.
1.   Such as travel expenses and honorarium for the payment of the principle activities in the
      Society branch Branch of activity by an officer of the Kyushu Branch of the Society will be conducted at essentially volunteer, regardless of the name of a daily allowance, payment for a manuscript, and other lecture honorarium, remuneration due consideration of the services provided will not be paid.
      However, for travel expenses will be paid as long as the "range for the payment of travel expenses" below.
2.   Range for the payment of travel expenses
      Range of travel expenses to be paid as follows.
      However, a person receiving a payment of travel expenses from other sources does not apply.
  a)   Can only be directly involved, such as when the tours, seminars, symposiums,
      workshops, lectures, events of the Kyushu Branch of the operation, the actual cost to provide a transportation allowance, respectively.
      Case) Management event of the day, and a preview of the venue that fall into this category.
  b)   Conference and travel expenses to attend meetings related to any such Incentive
      Award Selection Committee, the Executive Committee Branch Committee, as a duty of officers Branch is in principle not be paid.
      However, as an exception, in the case of more than 50km, however, as an exception, if the distance of 50km or more ground janitorial work location of the participants - the distance between the earth - janitorial work location of the participants,
3.   Handling involved in the management of the event organized jointly with the relevant Society, provided separately by the relevant agreement with the Society.
Abolition of this regulation is carried out by a resolution of the council.
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