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  1982. 1.27 Enactment
1984. 5. 9 Revision
1988. 5.13 Revision
1992. 5. 8 Revision
1993. 5.14 Revision
2002. 5.10 Revision
2012. 3. 21 Effect (Institutional change)
2013.10.18 Revision

Article 1 According to Article 52 of the Articles of Association of Information Processing
  Society, put the Kyushu Branch of the Kyushu region (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki,
    Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Okinawa) to.
  (Business purpose)
Article 2 (Referred to as "branch" below) of the Kyushu Branch, members living or working
    in the Kyushu region (hereinafter referred to as "members of the Kyushu Branch") by
    mutual cooperation, to achieve the purpose of the Association, required in the range
    set forth in Article 4 of the Articles of Incorporation to do business.
  (Configuration management of the branch organization)
Article 3 To Branch, Kyushu Branch of the next Steering Committee (the "Branch Steering
    Committee") to place.
    (1) Branch Chief:1 person (2) Branch Secretary:within 8 person
(3) Branch committee:Some person
Branch committee is elected and shall from among members of the Kyushu Branch,
    approval of the Board of Directors is also branch secretary from among the regular
    members of the Kyushu Branch length and branch. Term of office is two years.
Branch Chief, every time of need, organized by a steering committee of the Kyushu
    Branch of the Steering Committee Branch (the "Branch Steering Committee") held, to
    oversee the smooth operation of the branch business.
Branch secretary and branch committee is to assist the Branch Chief, to carry out the
    business of the branch.
  (Management of Branch)
Article 4  Management of the branch is carried out by the annual plan and budget was
    approved by the Board of Directors.
fiscal Steering Committee branch, it is assumed to create a business report for the
    next year business plan, budget and before the specified time each year, submit to the
Branch Steering Committee is intended to report the activities of the branch (such as
    various reports on the business-plan configuration, the balance of payments situation,
    the Steering Committee Branch) for the membership of the Kyushu Branch.
  (Supplementary Provisions)
Article 5 Terms and Conditions are effective from the date of Council resolutions be enforced
    from April 1, 2012.
Article 6 Abolition of this Agreement is carried out by a resolution of the council.
Article 7 The enforcement of this Agreement, the traditional "Terms of the Kyushu Branch"
    will be abolished.
As a transitional measure, the designation of "General Assembly" Branch "and
    Councilor branch" as defined shall be available only in fiscal 2012 in a range that does
    not interfere with the operation to "Terms of the Kyushu Branch of the" March 31, 2012.
    In addition, the term of office of the Steering Committee remain in office branch of
    years, and 1 regardless of the provisions of Paragraph 2 of Article 3 from fiscal 2011.
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