Provisions such as travel of externalJapan Kyushu Branch

Regulations, provide for the handling of travel expenses paid to the external.
However, it does not apply from the other to those who receive the payment of travel expenses.

  1. 1.Those who receive the payment of travel expenses (accommodation expenses) in accordance with the present regulations
    1. (1)Lectures, symposiums, various events speakers such as IPSJ SIG(Special Interest Groups), lecture officials
    2. (2)Lectures, symposiums, various events part-time job, such as IPSJ SIG(Special Interest Groups)
    3. (3)Award winners in the various events
    4. (4)Education, various embodiments examiner qualifications, etc.
    5. (5)Others, who IPSJ admitted payment

    ※unless you want to pay for a fixed to rules and regulations relating to other travel expenses.

  2. 2.The scope of the provision to travel expenses (accommodation)
    1. (1)Travel expenses, compared to the distance from the home or work place to the janitorial areas, to pay more small amount of transportation expenses actual expenses.
    2. (2)Airfare will be paid at the time the use of the aircraft is deemed necessary.
    3. (3)If necessary, unavoidable because of the long distance, to pay accommodation expenses actual expenses (upper limit \10,000).
  3. 3.Application conditions of the payment for travel expenses (accommodation)
    1. (1)Travel expenses (accommodation expenses) shall be paid for actual expenses only.
    2. (2)It is required to submit the invoice or receipt of transportation such issue as addressed to [Information Processing Society of Japan].
    3. (3)In the transportation that is not the issue of the receipt, and the actual cost paid in the extent permitted by the route search.
    4. (4)For airfare it requires the submission of evidence that indicates the boarding.

Even if travel expenses are paid, in principle, paid in the most economical route, we shall endeavor to cut costs.

  • Supplementary provision
  • 1.Abolition of the Code is carried out by a resolution of IPSJ Board of Directors.
  • 2.This provision shall come into force from November 24, 2015.

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