Provisions of the transportation subsidy of student membersJapan Kyushu Branch

Guidelines for transportation subsidy of student members

2014.3.15 Enactment
  1. 1.The guidelines, participated in the study meeting of this branch sponsored listed in each of the following items, provide for the transportation costs of the auxiliary of the university Board student members who make a presentation.
    1. ⅰ)WAKATENOKAI seminar
    2. ⅱ)HINOKUNIJOUHOU Symposium
    3. ⅲ)Other, a research meeting of the budgetary measures specially have been this branch organized, which was approved by the Executive Committee.
  2. 2.Auxiliary of the transportation costs from the branch is for the participation from adistance, but only that there is no payment of travel expenses from the universities and other institutions.
  3. 3.The student member, at the time of the workshop presentation, includes existing membership students or students who are in the membership application.
  4. 4.About the upper limit, the payment will be changed according to the budget situation and the number of paid interest.
  5. 5.The calculation of the subsidies of the transportation expenses will be as follows.
    1. ⅰ)Transportation subsidy amount shall be one way of seats limited express fee, including JR fare and a bullet train from the place of departure to the arrival. However, for the Shinkansen express fee, if you want to use only in the same prefecture, it is not subject to the subsidy.
    2. ⅱ)The starting point of the trip should be JR of the central station of the city, located in the university campus which student members belong to.
    3. ⅲ)Arrival of the trip should be the nearest station of the venue of the workshop.
    4. ⅳ)If the university student belongs to is located in Okinawa Prefecture, subsidy includes the actual cost of the one-way airfare of use possible discount of up to venue to the nearest airport from Naha Airport. For airfare, please submit a half-ticket receipt and tickets. It is applied to ⅰ), ⅲ) from the arrival airport to destination.
  6. 6.If the venue is in the Okinawa prefecture, this guideline will not be applied.