Terms of Mailing List Of Kyushu BranchJapan Kyushu Branch

In the Kyushu Branch of the Information Processing Society, we have to inform everyone of the membership distribution branch using the e-mail.

This mailing list management is done based on registration data of the headquarters. Therefore, we update the E-mail address that is registered, deleted, etc. is done in conjunction with the registration data of headquarters, or to the mailing list registration.

E-mail address registered to the headquarters, change, as usual, I hope in the form various procedures and how service> Member of Division Web Page. In addition, the update of the mailing-list is done, so once every three months, there is a slight delay until it is reflected from the notification to the mailing-list.

In the Kyushu Branch of the Information Processing Society is pleased to announce to everyone in the membership of (ML) mailing list the following information.

  • Announce events of this chapter is co-hosted or sponsored by sponsorship
  • Public information would be useful to members of this branch
  • News from the Secretariat

In addition, the Kyushu Branch of the ML is posted directly from the public is not allowed. If you would like an announcement by the ML, you can see above, please apply by e-mail to a spokeswoman for Secretary following the application guidelines below.

E-mail address of the secretary in charge of public relations ipsj-k-pr@ipsj-kyushu.jp

By mailing of a notice of application guidelines
Distinction between co-hosted or sponsored by sponsorship are as follows.

  • Sponsored by

    The management plan is to this branch.

    Example:Wakatenokai Seminar,Land of Fire Symposium

  • Co-hosted

    Will be held in collaboration with educational institutions and public research institutions and non-profit organization the technical content of lectures.

    Example:Lecture sponsored by the Kyushu Branch of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
    Lectures by prominent researchers such as during a visit to the laboratory ... ※

    (※..."Organized" in this case can be visited in the laboratory, etc..)

  • Sponsorship

    This branch will cooperate with the non-commercial event organized by other organizations.

    Example:Public lectures organized by universities and industry organizations, etc., Symposium

  • Sponsored by

    Is this branch represents a blessing or a portion thereof with the purpose of the event hosted by another organization, you can use the name of this chapter as an organization co-sponsored programs, etc..

    Example:If there is talk of technical content and seminars sponsored by the company.

For those who wish to co-sponsorship or sponsored by, please apply along with (such as the face of recruitment and participation in the program) the purpose and content of material events is understood.Chairman of the Executive Committee, etc. without a representative of the organization and event organizer, does not matter from how to apply for its spokesman.

Does not matter that it can not keep putting the name of the chapter books such as those distributed printing to date held of event sponsorship support is imminent, until about a week before one of the day that you wish to send ML as possible Please apply for.

Examples of public information would be useful to members of this branch has something like the following.

Recruitment of school teachers and researchers specializing in public and private universities and junior colleges and higher
Public information and public research institute researcher, such as the Foundation
Recruitment of research projects from various organizations(Including a public offering of research grants, etc.)