2013 International Workshop on ICT

Kyushu Chapter of Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ), Software Engineering Society/The Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers (SES/KIISE), and Association of Computers and Informatics Institution of Indonesia (APTIKOM) hold this workshop, supported by Software Engineers Association of Japan (SEA), to provide an opportunity for researchers and engineers to exchange novel ideas and practical experiences in ICT. The workshop especially welcomes paper submissions from graduate students and younger engineers to encourage them being professionals who can work globally.


December 12th (Thu.) -- 14th (Sat.), 2013


Beppu Kamenoi Hotel, Beppu City, Oita, Japan


Ad Hoc Networks, Automotive Software, Computer Graphics, Cyber Physical Systems, Dependability, Development Environments, Education, Embedded Systems, Fault Tolerance, Formal Methods, Image Processing, Middleware, Mobile Computing, Model Driven Development, Object Oriented, Operating Systems, Real Time Computing, Reliability, Requirements, Safety, Security, Sensor Networks, Software Architecture, Software Components, Software Design, Software Development Process, Software Metrics, Software Product Line, Specifications, Testing, Ubiquitous Computing, Virtual Reality, Wireless Networks (but not limited)