Title 行動とふるまいに関する国際会議ABC2020向けてのクッキング行動認識チャレンジのご案内
Registrant 中村 吉勝
Affiliation Web担当(カスタネット)
Content 行動とふるまいに関する国際会議ABC2020に向けて行われるクッキング行動認識チャレンジの案内をいたします。



                                               CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
                           Cooking Activity Recognition Challenge
                                   Jun. 22nd - 25th, 2020, Kitakyushu, Japan
             International Conference on Activity and Behavior Computing (ABC 2020)
                                   In conjunction with ICIEV&IVPR2020 ==============================================================
Activity Recognition is the process of automatically inferring what a user is doing based on sensor observations. When your smartphone automatically identifies if you have been walking or running, it is doing activity recognition using the observations of its accelerometer sensor. Other applications of activity recognition include remote monitoring of daily activities for elders living alone and automatic record creation for nurses in hospitals. Although these applications only require the recognition of the activity being done, i.e.  cooking, such complex activities are usually made up of several smaller activities like ‘taking from the fridge’.
Recognizing such steps can have several advantages.  For instance, in the scenario of an elder living alone recognizing the steps can be used to remind them of a missing step, or to ensure a healthy diet is being followed. In the scenario of the nursing record, recognizing the steps can be used for care quality assessment and for ensuring that safety protocols have been followed like washing the hands at the proper moments.
Current activity recognition systems focus on recognizing either the complex label (macro activity) or the small steps (micro activities) but their combined recognition is critical for analysis like the ones proposed.
In fact, in a nursing scenario, washing the hands after taking blood is very different than doing it before, as it is mandatory. Therefore, in this challenge, we aim at the recognition of the macro and micro activities taking place during cooking sessions.
In this challenge, participants will create methods for recognizing both the macro and micro activities occurring in a 30 seconds window during a cooking session.
The evaluation will be done based on the average of the accuracy of the macro activity (classification) and that of the micro activities (multilabel classification)
The winner (one team representative) will get
- 100K yen, and
- be invited to our installations in Kitakyushu, Japan. The itinerary will be supported 250K yen. Read conditions in the web page.
- Challenge papers: 4-10 pages in a single column
- Please use Springer Contributed Book format
- Submit from Microsoft CMT for ICIEV2020 and select the ABC.
Start of competition:               January 9, 2020
Registration closes:                February 15
Test data sent to participants:     March 11, 2020
Submission of results:              March 18, 2020
Submission of paper:                March 25, 2020
Results of submission:              April 6, 2020
Camera-ready paper:                 April 20, 2020
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